Strategic Supply Chain Manager in London, United Kingdom

Salary: £Competitive + bonuses + stock

Posting Date: 17th July 2017

Closing date: 14th August 2017

Amazon’s supply-chain is becoming increasingly borderless, with scale and complexity suppliers can sometimes struggle to understand or fully utilise. There are several logistics programmes available to them from direct ship models, such as dropship, to carrier management. Expectations are high for compliance of physical deliveries into an increasing number of Fulfilment Centres. Amazon wants to make use of every type of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) available and with a high bar on the quality of the data being shared with good rates of PO acceptance and supply. In order to make this happen, Amazon needs an increasingly deep collaboration with vendors. With a shared understanding of the internal Amazon objectives, the systems that drive them and the goal towards ‘perfect inbound’, it should be possible to step-change engagement and deliver tangible benefit. It will be a highly rewarding experience to be able to focus on optimising the supply-chains at both Amazon and vendors’. Amazon seeks professionals in the operational, purchasing or vendor relationship spaces to work as Strategic Supply Chain Managers. This new role is launching in the EU and US Retail businesses, first in Media product categories.

Your focus will be on vendor operational performance. This will be achieved by acting as a partner for vendors by being aware of the programmes Amazon offers and using metrics, analyses, and kaizens as tools to explore opportunities. ‘Perfect inbound’ is a remit that covers transportation initiatives, EDI adoption/accuracy, auto-receive, labelling, compliance, ecommerce-ready packaging, vendor lead-times, making full use of our network topology and high PO acceptance rates with low backorder. We look to optimise ordering to take advantage of lower cost structures and evaluate third party fulfilment options.

There will also be cases where you need to hone your negotiation onto specific products such as securing more stock where an item has limited availability and push for more returns when we are overstocked. In addition to the primary charter, there are some unautomated inventory management use cases you may need to maintain in order to preserve availability but you will also be expected to outsource, eliminate or automate them by working with central technical teams to achieve this. You will also own vendor and retail inputs into ordering systems, help to troubleshoot supply problems and drive compliance, for example, monitoring vendor PO acknowledgement behaviour, administering the embargo status of products and ensuring vendors send correct release dates or cost information. Additionally, you will be the point of contact for vendors if support teams cannot assist in case of supply-chain related queries and you will initiate contact if the vendor performance is impacting product availability or customer promise. As the business owner of a particular category, you own the inventory and are expected to leverage other teams to provide answers to deep-dives, but ultimately you will bring it all together. Frequently this provides input into the marketplace-level Weekly Business Review, where you will be expected to provide commentary on vendor-caused defects impacting relevant metrics.

As part of the core category business team, you work alongside all category functions partnering closely with Vendor Managers as you will contribute to overall vendor strategies and play a part in annual vendor negotiations (e.g. freight allowances).

You will also work with counterparts in the UK and across EU Media where there are common problems or projects. Projects may include running one of the operational programmes at the UK level, coordinating a process improvement project to deliver time-savings, partnering with outsourcing teams to on-board a new workflow, or something determined from within the category such as demand spike analysis, overstock action plans, sourcing new wholesale partners, or increasing sea freight over air. There are roles covering Music, DVD and Videogames. Support and strategic direction will be provided centrally by the EU Inventory Management Supply Chain

Excellence team based in Luxembourg and London, and locally within Media by Program Managers in Operational Excellence, Process Improvement and Cost Out. You will be expected to visit vendors and FCs within the UK when necessary.

Basic Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business or Commerce, Engineering or a Supply Chain discipline, or similar degree with analytical bias would be highly beneficial.

  • Proven experience in supply chain, inventory, operations, product or vendor management.

  • Retail or e-commerce experience.

  • Strong ownership, bias for action and discipline in establishing and improving processes.

  • Ability to extract basic data using SQL and then perform data analysis, problem solving and project management.

  • Demonstrated ability to influence internal and external stakeholders and deliver results.

  • Experience working independently to quickly prioritise efforts in a fast-paced environment.

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

  • MBA or MSc preferred.

  • Background in delivering cost-savings through operational improvements in supply-chain or ordering processes.

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