Samsung Electronics America Technology Scout (310194) in Staines-Upon-Thames, United Kingdom

Technology Scout (310194)

R&D Support, Regular Full-Time

Samsung R&D Institute United Kingdom ,Staines-Upon-Thames United Kingdom

Sep 15, 2017

General Description

The Technology Scout will work as a regional technology scout working for Open R&D Strategy (ORS) in Korea, while being part of an overall team

managed by Samsung’s local R&D organization in UK (SRUK).

The Technology Scout will be responsible for identifying and evaluating unique advanced technology for potential collaboration with Samsung R&D teams. He / she will be expected to leverage his / her network within the VC, startup, and university community to identify these sources of technologies.

These technologies should be commercial grade in the next four years, and should create uniqueness to

Samsung’s product lineup. Collaboration partners can include universities and leading professors, research institutes, startups and spinout companies. The technologies typically are unique hardware or components, materials, or core algorithms. The team does not cover software and services.

The scout will also collaborate across internal Samsung groups to identify and evaluate external sources. The scout shall also at times support SRUK’s own R&D collaboration with European technology innovators.

The scout will receive target technology areas that Samsung’s R&D teams are interested in from members of ORS at headquarters to help guide his / her scouting activities. The Scout should exhibit a technology curiosity and insights to new technology domains relevant to the company. The scout shall receive direction and support from the team leader in SRUK. The scout will evaluate and select promising collaboration partners based upon criteria that he / she will develop along with other members of ORS. The Scout should be able to communicate thought leadership, and understand internal strengths and weaknesses and priorities work accordingly.

The scout will also be responsible for working with internal Samsung teams and external parties to structure and plan collaboration projects if regional resources are involved in it. Once the collaboration project begins, the scout may be asked to act as a project coordinator and be responsible for

facilitating communication between internal and external groups.

At the completion of a collaboration project, the scout may be asked to assist project teams (internal and external) in presenting their results to senior level executives within Samsung in UK and Korea.

The scout will communicate frequently with the other members of the ORS and other stakeholders located in Korea. The scout shall also work in close collaboration with the overall team at SRUK and ensure that team goals are achieved.

Through this position the scout will have an opportunity to contribute to the development of future Samsung products and build a strong network within Samsung, while continuing to enhance his / her network within the startup and university communities.

Other job expectations include in-depth technology theme writing, provide short technology trends insights and to support ad-hoc requests from HQ

and SRUK.

  • Identify and evaluate sources (start-ups, universities, etc.) of unique European technologies in development Assist with the structuring and the execution of R&D collaborations between Samsung R&D teams and external parties

  • Understand internal stakeholder management

  • Provide thought leadership on technologies relevant to HQ

  • Facilitate and support communication between teams located at Samsung HQ in Korea and local technology partners

  • Communicate collaboration results to relevant stakeholders

Necessary Skills / Attributes

MS in engineering fields and / or business administration

Technology assessment, innovation role, or technology transfer

A combination of business and technical background is advantageous

Benchmark and assess technologies and new innovations

Required Skills

Understanding about both user benefit/experience and

market/technology trends

Network with VC’s, start-ups, and universities

Technology assessment skills

Ability to effectively communicate with senior executives

Self-starter that can operate independently

Team understanding

Preferred Skills

Language Fluent English

Secondary European language is advantageous

Company Information

Samsung Global

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is the global leader in consumer electronics and the core components that go into them. Through relentless innovation and discovery, we are transforming the worlds of televisions, smartphones, personal computers, printers, cameras, home appliances, medical devices, semiconductors and LED solutions. We employ 206,000 people across 72 countries with annual sales exceeding US $143.1 billion. Our goal is opening new possibilities for people everywhere.

Samsung Europe

Samsung Europe comprises 17 divisions (subsidiaries) across Europe that represent circa $32 bn. in sales. It has recently become the leading Consumer Electronics brand in the region in terms of recognition and most preferred by consumers. However, the ambition on the business is to become THE leading Electronics brand and to double its turnover by 2020.

In the pursuit of global excellence, we are continuously looking for dynamic new leaders for the digital age of the 21st Century. Imagine a career working for a company who is passionate about its people. It is our people that make Samsung the leader in diverse marketplaces and the market innovator that drives technology. At Samsung Electronics, our products, our people and our approach to business are held to only the highest standards so that we can effectively contribute to a better world.