Expeditors District sales executive in Avonmouth, United Kingdom

/_District Sales Executive_/

/Strategic Job Functions/

/Due to the nature of this front line sales position it is critical to be a good communicator. As a District Sales Executive you are in a very independent job that requires you keep many people updated on your progress. The following are expectations in this area:/

/E‑mail weekly call summary and next week's plan to /District Sales Manager//

/Attend local branch sales meetings and contribute strategic information to the team including key results from your past weeks calls, updates on current target accounts and a review of this weeks key upcoming calls./

/Use local DM and RVP as your source for operational support and account strategy./

/Communicate with Director of District Sales Program on an as‑needed basis. This is an independent position, but too much independence can hurt your performance./

/_Product Knowledge_/

/You are responsible to stay updated on our various product offerings and new product development. You can use your internal sources as well as e-net to support this on-going education. It is also important for you to know you who our top customers are and what types of specific solutions we provide to them. You can get this from the Global Account Managers as well as e-net./

/_Market Intelligence Feedback_/

/ /As a field sales person, you are required to keep us updated on market intelligence such as://

  • / /Competitive Information//

  • /Customer Requirements/

  • /Potential New Product Developments/

  • /Feedback to our local product & geographic leaders/

  • /Territory Management/*

/As you will be assigned a territory, it is part of your job requirement that you manage that Territory and know every potential account that resides in it. This includes:/

/ /

  • /Segmenting your territory into sub-areas/

  • /Driving around your area on weekend and with free time to prospect/

  • /Join the local camber of commerce or equivalent/

/_Calls Per Week_/

/The guideline for the number of sales calls is 15 per week. 60% of these calls should be set aside for target accounts, 30% for Prospects and 10% for retention. All Call information must be entered into the TeamSell Database./

*Territory Management*

/The District Sales Executive is expected to have extensive knowledge of their territory, including all shippers/consignees. This will be done Geographically by having a defined territory in which to work. Territory management includes knowing every potential customer inside your territory and using down time (between calls and weekends) to drive around and gather data on potential new accounts./

Input that weeks calls into sales database

Set up appointments for the next two weeks. (customers are happy and will commit to seeing you when you call on Fridays)

Interact with office personnel and especially department managers on account progress issues.

*Target Account Management*

/The District Sales Executive would be expected to have a minimum of 30 ongoing active target accounts, which should be attainable and serviceable. You should use TeamSell “opportunities” to manage your target accounts through the sales pipeline./

*TeamSell Usage*

Schedule Sales Calls using Face-Face Call Activity

/Each visit that the District Sales Executive schedules with a customer or potential customer must be recorded in TeamSell using a Face-Face Call Activity. Records should be created within 24 hours of scheduling the visit, in order to give visibility to the call schedule to others./

Report on Sales Calls using Face-Face Call Activity

/Each visit that the District Sales Executive completes with a customer or potential customer must have notes about the visit recorded in TeamSell using the same Face-Face Call Activity that was created to reference the scheduling of the visit. The notes from the visit will be captured in the Conversation Log field/


/The District Sales Executive will provide reliable information to assist the District Sales Manager in the preparation of annual budgets. It is anticipated that a minimum guideline/success would be to close on at least 20 accounts per year and add in net revenue 20,000 usd per year./

/_Local Communication_// /

/ The following outline describes our expectations for your level of communication. This is a critical part of your job responsibility. Communication between sales, management and operations is critical to the success of the branch. Communication is your responsibility. Some key areas of communication include:/

/Weekly discussions with your key department managers to update them on progress with target accounts and to receive data on client retention progress for your in-house accounts./

/Maximum 2 Hour response to all client inquiries, rate requests, complaints, etc. (again, if you need to go overseas for information or need additional time, get right back to the customer and explain the time frame for follow up)./

/_Sales Lead Generation & Follow Up_/

/We expect all of our district sales executives to generate and manage the sales leads they send to other offices. Since these are revenue potential accounts, and commissionable, you need to take responsibility to generate the required amount of leads and you need to follow through on them to insure our foreign partners attack the leads./

/Closing date: 6th April 2018/

Proven field sales experience

Good communicator

Ability to work on own initiative

Successful candidate must pass the company's defined background check.

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.


  • Competitive salary

  • Private Medical Insurance

  • Voluntary, contributory pension schemes

  • Stock Purchase Plan

  • Training and Personnel Development Program