KBR Project Engineer - IT in ENG, United Kingdom

Title: Project Engineer - IT

Location: GB-ENG-Leatherhead

Job Number: 1063696


on Aconex Software (secure Electronic Content Management System (ECMS)) its

administration, access control algorithms and maintenance like configuring

easy-to-use web based and mobile platforms. Configure algorithms to facilitate,

collaboration within and across organizations. Develop delivery model to enable

fast deployment. Develop tagging of documents with relevant metadata to

facilitate easy retrieval and reports.


based Share point set-up, access control, network hardening and concurrent user

management. Cloud based Virtual desktop Interface configuration,

E-correspondence, set-up of users and maintenance. Set-up & Configure cloud

based VoIP network in different locations for calling & video conferencing



responsibilities include, but not limited to below.


Liaise with internal/External Clients in order

to analyse business procedures. Clarify clients requirements and define scope

of existing software, Hardware and network Provisions.


Undertake feasibility studies for major IT

developments incorporating costs and benefits and present proposals to


Communicates the impact of emerging technologies to client and

advised And

advised upon the potential introduction of such technology,


Provide advice and assistance to procurement

provision, delivery and installation, maintenance and use of IT systems and

their environments


Examines existing business models and flows of

data and design function specifications and test plans for new systems in order

to meet client needs


Research, analyses, evaluates and monitors

network infrastructure and performance


Work closely with clients to implement new



Perform (Vendor) Software application release



Management of Non-Standard Software,


Develop procedure for Data Integration,


Develop Project Application Deployment Request



Develop project based network architecture

indicating all work locations, server locations, permissions, cyber security

routines and backup durations.


Managing and Monitoring Access to Project

Electronic Resources,


Management of Project File shares and session



Develop procedure for Major weekend move



Develop Procedure for Management of Desktops,

Monitors and smart phone interfaces for work related applications,


Management of Mobile Communication Devices for

projects. Management of Laptops and other assets deployed for Projects,


Develop Procedure for Network Connectivity and

data sharing management across difference work locations,


Records and Information Management,


Records and Information Management Program along

with Information Security and Security Classification Responsibilities,


Develop Procedure for Usage of Electronic



Define Records Retention,


Preservation Hold Procedure,


eDiscovery Plan and Procedure (Under



Develop Procedure for Intranet Website Creation



Develop Intranet Content Management,


Develop Procedure for Intranet Quality



Develop Procedure for Information Labeling and



Develop Procedure for Records Destruction



Electronic Records Archiving.

Salary :

£35K - £39K

Applications End date: 16.05.18

Job: Information Technology