BT Head of Safety in GBR, United Kingdom

Head of Safety


Our purpose is to use the power of communications to make a better world. For each other, for our customers, for society and our communities. We need you to help us do this.

Why this role matters

Openreach carries out around 20 million engineering activities per annum, has a vast and wide ranging network including 4m telephone poles, 4m joint boxes and 18 deep level tunnel systems and uses around 20,000 vehicles. With responsibility for managing the safety risk for the organisation, the post holder will develop and deliver the Openreach Safety strategy and annual plan.

Keeping employees and members of the public safe is at the heart of the Openreach safety strategy and plan, delivering improvements aimed at ensuring compliance as well as driving safety behaviour. The post holder will be required to keep pace with network developments and organisation changes to ensure the safety strategy and plan remains relevant, up to date and anticipates the changing nature of Openreach operations, its suppliers and customers.

What you'll be doing

Influencing 33,000 Openreach employees and ensuring Openreach contractors operate in a compliant manner, the post holder will also be accountable for both volume/quality and financial delivery of the Asset Assurance Programme. In addition to providing safety advice, assessment and risk management across the Openreach organisation, communication providers and members of the public.

Managing a team of safety and engineering professionals within a defined budget and to the Openreach standards to:

  • Develop and implement Openreach safety strategy and associated plans aimed at ensuring both legal/regulatory compliance and driving safety behavioural improvements;

  • Ensure appropriate safety policies are in place for Openreach operations. Where associated to defect management of the Openreach network, ensure the safety policies are periodically reviewed by independent expert 3rd parties;

  • Prepare reports for the Board/Executive/Audit Committees;

  • Be responsible for the identification, analysis and economical control of safety risks for Openreach associated with people, network, systems and tools/equipment;

  • Identify and evaluate key hazard risk exposures to Openreach operations;

  • Measure and monitor levels of safety risk across Openreach and encourage effective control and assurance at all 3 levels of defence;

  • Support the business through providing technical safety advice to Openreach employees, suppliers and communication providers where appropriate

  • Manage external stakeholders relating to safety matters including trade union bodies and the interface with the HSE;

  • Ensure appropriate budgets are held for the management of safety risk mitigation or the delivery of safety programmes;

  • Develop and manage policies relating to the management of, and working in, the Deep Level Tunnel systems;

  • Carry out accident and near miss investigations including the development and implementation of any associated recommendations;

  • In relation to safety, to challenge non-fact-based decision-making and create both innovation and disciplined ways of working;

  • Produce policies, processes and mitigation actions that, once ratified, will be implemented without further recourse for authority to act.

We'll also need to see these on your CV

  • An exceptional record of achievement as a senior Health & Safety professional/delivering safety related programmes in an operational environment

  • Experience of delivering significant safety behaviour programmes (in matrixed organisations), leading to sustained culture change

  • Evidence of safety strategy design and policy implementation at scale, within a complex and changeable environment

  • Extensive knowledge of best practice and innovation in the management of safety performance

  • Able to articulate the impact of safety performance on business practice at executive and board level

  • An engineering background is desirable

  • Relevant Health & Safety qualifications preferred

  • Proactive - looking outward to spot issues and opportunities

  • Pragmatic - balancing the theoretical risks with practicality

  • Engaging - with key stakeholders at all levels of the organisation to understand their issues and perspective

  • Make a difference - finding innovative ways to bring about change, particularly cultural change

Why choose us?

As an organisation our objective is across the totality of our operations we cause zero avoidable harm to the public, our people, our suppliers (and the people who work for them), and our customers (and the people who work for them), and that this culture is embedded in how we approach everything we do.

In this context, you will be responsible for managing and mitigating all aspects of the safety risk facing Openreach. This will include the development and implementation of our medium to longer term safety strategy/policies and the creation and delivery of the annual Openreach safety plan.

We value different perspectives, skills and experiences. Diversity makes sense for us, our customers and our ambitions. We’re creating an inclusive working culture where people from all backgrounds can succeed. That’s why we welcome applications from all parts of the community.


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Job: Risk

Title: Head of Safety

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